Jordan Ogren

September 28, 2021

1 key difference between good and great writers:

Starting sucks.

Starting a diet
Starting a workout routine
Starting to take care of yourself

Or the worst of all: Starting an article/blog/essay from scratch.

But I propose a new “worst of all.” Not for the writer but for the reader.

Starting is hardest for the writer. The inertia that comes from a blank page is steep. But your reader is only beginning their investment and can stop at any time, making the start easy.

The ending is easy for the writer. All they need to do is proof, edit, and tie a bow on top. But for the reader, it can be gruesome.

The reader can feel left on a cliff. They can feel like the point was not fully concluded. 

Simply put, they can decide never to read your shit again if your content leaves a sour taste in their mouth.

And that’s why I believe few writers focus their energy on improving conclusions. They are the least impacted by it (from their perception). So instead, it’s all about the hook, baby.

But whatever the reader is most impacted by should be a central focus for the writer. So yes, make the intro enticing and gripping. But also realize that your ending is almost more important to the way they feel after reading.

Whether the reader can articulate it or not, the way your content ends plays into how they view the entire content piece. It’s like having a fantastic day, just to be ruined by spilling your nightly tea on your trousers. If asked how your day was, you may say it was a worthless day, forgetting the amazing things that happened before this terrible end.

Endings matter. Ask anyone on their death bed how much the finish affects their perception of their complete experience.

So what can you do to improve your endings? (Don’t think I was going to leave you with no sword in the arena) Here is a simple trick you can use to ensure you end effectively:

Use your intro (however you set up the content) as a crucial part of your ending to bring closure. 

If you begin your article discussing how it took you until 45 to realize the importance of emotional intelligence, tie that fact into the finish.

“You don’t need to wait until your 45 to begin learning and improving your EQ. Use the simple process I detail above to improve your EQ and experience the plethora of benefits.”

Marketing Insights 🗡
  • Don’t be lazy. Finish your content strong to ensure your audience is left with a positive aftertaste
  • Use your hook/opening to conclude and wrap the content up
  • Respect the power that endings have in every aspect of life and marketing

While starting can be challenging, it’s not the most demanding piece of the puzzle.

Ending strong is what differentiates good writers from great. Which are you?

🧠 // JO