Jordan Ogren

January 11, 2022

10 things I learned from 1 year of shipping daily.

One full year of shipping daily (excluding weekends) ✅

What did I learn?

Here are the top 10 lessons I learned writing and shipping daily:

  1. The anxiety of shipping work daily is most significant early on and subsides over time
  2. Writing daily creates a backlog of content to avoid the pressure of shipping daily
  3. In the end, it's not as hard as it seems
  4. It takes your writing from novice to good very quickly
  5. Building an audience while writing daily is challenging
  6. Followers are simply one metric to success
  7. People care more than you think about what you write
  8. It strengthens the "Just Do It" muscle and translates to other areas of life
  9. Shipping daily vs. weekly or monthly is the easiest way to create a fast feedback loop to improve
  10. Everyone should try it for at least one year of their life (I'm going for year 2!)

What was one thing you did consistently last year that you're continuing this year?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO