Jordan Ogren

August 24, 2021

2 things that remain unchanged in marketing.

Marketers spend too much time on finding the “next” platform.

Maybe it’s TikTok. Perhaps it’s YikYak.

Regardless, it’s time poorly spent, even if you get it “right” and land a massive audience because you were early on the platform.

Instead, you should focus on something more valuable.

Building trust (and a connection) with your audience.

If jumping on Clubhouse (is that still a thing?) will develop trust and a connection with your audience, do it!

Many of us sadly don’t think like that. We want to be on Clubhouse because it’s the next big platform to multiply our current audience.

Growth isn’t bad. But when prioritized above trust and connection with your audience, it’s not worth it.

New platforms or technology will come, but your responsibility is to ask if it will increase trust and connection with your audience. If it does, then invest.

But trust and connection will always be at the core.

“The technology keeps changing, but connection and trust are what still work. Ideas that spread, win. Ideas that stick are worth even more. You can race to be first on a new platform, but it’s far better to be the voice that we would miss if you weren’t there.” — Seth Godin.

When you invest in building trust and furthering your connection with your audience, you will become indispensable. Indispensable in that when your voice is not there, you’re missed. 

Rather than trying to jump on new trends or find the “next” platform, focus on building trust and connection with your audience.

In the long run, trust and connection win.

🧠 // JO