Jordan Ogren

October 6, 2021

2 ways to improve feedback and insights.

What is the fastest way to find something?

First, know what the hell you’re looking for. 
Second, know why you’re looking. 

This seems obvious, but many act without this knowledge. We seek feedback but are unsure for what reasons. We ask someone to read over our blog without specific instructions on what we want them to edit.

Now, I’m insinuating that we have embedded reasons for seeking feedback or insight. But instead, you could be a mall shopper who sets out with no specific reason or desired item.

But by the end of the shopping spree, you’ve seemed to find “what you were looking for.” Then, while performing a Post-Mortem, you rationalize the reason why you went shopping and how you “always wanted that sweater.”

But if, before buying, I asked you to perform a Pre-Post-Mortem, you would struggle to answer what you were looking for and why.

That’s why it would be better to rephrase my opening question to: 

What is the most reliable way to find exactly what you are looking for?

Once you articulate what you’re looking for and why it becomes easier to figure out the quickest path. Let me show you through an example:

You want to start doing customer interviews to gain insights to make your marketing better. Your first question to ask is, “what kind of insights do you need?” This would then force you to ask, “why am I seeking insights?”

“To make marketing better” is too generic of an answer. Instead, increasing your share of voice, leads, or building brand awareness are better answers.

And these answers would help you answer your first question. Then, once you’ve answered the what and why you’re ready to execute (the how is customer interviews).

This will result in far better insights than if you came in without knowing the why and the what.

Marketing Insights ⚔️
  • When seeking feedback or talking with customers, know what you are looking for and why
  • Ask specific questions that lead to uncovering the insights that matter most
  • To survive in the future, marketers must stop doing things without knowing the why behind them; marketers need to become more intentional

Seeking feedback and insights is great; it’s also the first step for improvement. But without intentionality, your seeking is unfruitful.

Know what you are seeking and why—in marketing and life.

🧠 + ❤️ // JO