Jordan Ogren

February 17, 2022

3 reasons why a vision for your content is critical.

I’ve made a critical mistake. 

I’ve had a loose vision for this email for the past year. My loose vision is to build an audience while improving my writing and marketing acumen.

But I need a more definitive vision. I need to put in concrete terms what I want for this email.

Why is that?

For a few reasons:

Reason 1: A significant way to improve and pivot is to have a vision (end goal) of where you want to be.

Reason 2: To gain the proper support, you need to articulate your vision so the right people can auto-select in to help.

Reason 3: You can create milestones based on your vision to celebrate when you achieve them or pivot if you are routinely underperforming.

The reason I started with a loose vision was to avoid planning too much. Instead, I wanted to start writing and figure it out as I went.

Maybe that was a good idea as I’ve grown the habit of writing daily and improved my writing.

Or, maybe that pushed out the inevitable process of figuring out what I ultimately want for/from this email. 

Either way, I’m now taking a few steps back to set a vision for this email and myself in general. Getting crystal clear on what my vision is for this will help sustain effort and provide me better benchmarks as to if it’s working or not.

What are your thoughts on having a clear vision before starting?

Is it essential, or can you figure it out once the plane is in the air (like I am)?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO