Jordan Ogren

May 22, 2021

A few resources for you this week.

What do you think about when you're alone?

When the music's off, people are gone, and it's just you.

Recently I've decided to go for my afternoon walks without my headphones. I've been surprised at the dialogue in my head.

Sometimes it's simple. I gaze upon the beauty of a tree and thank God for the experience.

Other times it's ugly.

I get this nasty voice that perks up and cares to mention how I know little about what I talk about. It reminds me that I have less than 50 subscribers, and that's because no one cares.

Instead of shoving this voice away, I pull a chair out for him. I let him sit with me.

I hear him out. And I find the truth within the negativity.

He's right that I don't know shit about marketing or life. That's why I'm eager to learn more.

He's right that I haven't blown this newsletter up. That's because that's not my goal—my goal is to work/write in public.

If you hear that negative voice, maybe yours is a "her," don't run. Listen.

There is truth in there. It may be hard to pull it out. But dance long enough with your demons, and they will help you grow more than solely listening to the angels.

Onward and upward, my friend.

Welcome to week 2 of me sharing helpful resources with you. Let me know your thoughts on this new format and how I can improve.

📖Three things I read this week:

1. How to turn wild opinions into traffic, backlinks, and social proof (Wynter Blog)
Generic content sucks. How to avoid that is to create opinion-led content. Ryan Law of Animalz does a beautiful job explaining how to do that.

2. Three core principles of doers in B2B marketing (The Juice Blog)
These three principles will improve your marketing no matter if it's B2B or if you're selling Herbalife (maybe you shouldn't sell that, though…)

If you haven't heard about Basecamp's announcement regarding banning political dialogue on internal company forums, let me know which rock you're living under. This is David's reflection on the backlash that's come from it.

🎧Two things I heard this week:

I loved this podcast for two reasons: Frist, Fio is a fantastic person with her own killer newsletter, which I love, and second, she shares some very contrarian views on content.

It's Seth Godin; need I say more?

📺 One thing I watched this week:

History repeats itself. This, I believe. That's why this video shows our current crisis is nothing more than history repeating itself every 80 years. (Thank you Steven Lippold for putting me on to this one).


I hope you find one resource above that can improve your current state.

Have a wonderful Saturday, friend.

🧠 // JO