Jordan Ogren

May 15, 2021

A few things for you this week.

I graduated this week.

It’s been a long three years of school, working full time and creating daily content.

As I grieve this part of my life ending (dying), I look forward with joy and optimism.

No matter where you are today, remember the journey you’ve made.

It’s easier to be upset, sad, or disappointed that we aren’t “there” yet, rather than turn around and see how far the shore is on the horizon—the shore where we decided to embark on this journey.

Staying on the shore has benefits (comfort, certainty), but the journey far outweighs them. The stormy nights and the feeling of being lost are better than never knowing what’s out there.

Keep going, my friend. You will never regret progress—the journey. 

Today I want to try something new (I do that quite frequently).

I want to share three things with you each week: 
  1. Three things I read 
  2. Two things I heard 
  3. One thing I watched 

(Disclaimer: I got this idea from Jason Fried)

I hope these resources do for you what they did for me.

📖 Three things I read this week:

Jay discusses how being “authentic” is the worst advice. Showing up every day, no matter how you feel, is better.

Aiming for efficiency can reduce effectiveness. How do you avoid this trap? Build slack into your day.

Why did Jerry Seinfeld quit doing his show while it was the most popular show on TV? He was okay not knowing what the “top” was. Many of us are not.

🎧 Two things I heard this week:

I’ve always hated the traditional buyer persona for two reasons: (1) they don’t work, (2) they’re dumb. Louis does a fantastic job making the argument for evolving past buyer personas.

The brain is a crazy thing. Lisa shares her key findings of how our brains work and how these findings can help us live a healthier, happier life.

📺 One thing I watched this week:

Even if you don’t plan to write a book, this short (27 min) video will help you improve your marketing and content creation.

I’m a huge fan of Rob, and he does a beautiful job interviewing Tendayi, of whom I am now a fan.

I hope you get a chance to check out one of those resources this weekend while you recharge and refocus.

Now my ask of you:
What is a resource you read/heard/watched this week that I should consume? 

Reply to this email with a link!

Take care, my friend, and thank you for being on this journey with me.

🧠 // JO