Jordan Ogren

October 18, 2021

A foolproof way to launch content successfully.

You've made the decision.

You're starting a podcast.

You record the first episode, create the cover art in Canva (🤮), and find a distribution software.

You upload the first episode and are ready to record the next. But, without knowing it, you just made the most significant error when launching (podcast) content.

Never release only one episode. Never.

The best thing you can do is release up to five episodes when launching.

Here are three reasons why:
  1. You ensure you can create that many episodes (instead of stopping at episode 2 👎🏼)
  2. You generate more excitement and allow for people to binge the episodes
  3. You give your podcast a better chance to hit the best/top/new podcast lists as you gain more downloads in a shorter time

Let's work our way back from reason 3.

When you release five episodes at once, you 5X your downloads. Doing this in a short time frame will tell Apple or Spotify that your podcast is hot shit, even if it's not.

If your podcast has guests on it, reason 2 becomes more important. Instead of one guest resharing their episode on launch day, you now have five.

And if you've done a good job with your marketing, your audience will go bananas as they have five different episodes to choose from.

Reason 1 stems from the fact that a large percent of podcasts never pass five episodes. Instead, they stall like my old Ford Taurus.

If you go and create five or more episodes, you will have a greater chance to keep the podcast going as you now understand the workflow needed.

Small note: It's not necessary to drop them at the same time. You could do a waterfall launch. Example below:

Day 1 at 8am: Release two episodes
Day 1 at noon: Release two episodes
Day 2 at 8am: Release final episode

Or, launch them all at noon.

Either way, launching five or more episodes instead of one will build excitement, gain you more subscribers, and ultimately help long-term.

You can use this same principle for any content you're launching.

Except for a daily newsletter. Don't email them five times in one day.

How could you plan your next content launch in a way that supports long-term growth?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO