Jordan Ogren

March 17, 2022

A lesson from the Zoo 🦍🐅

Building in public is scary.

It's like being an animal in a zoo. While it feels like you're in your environment, half of your arena is open (glass) for people to view.

They can critique your every movement, and there's little you can do. But, they can also see your struggle, cheer you on, and support you when they feel it's needed.

While this example breaks quickly as most animals don't choose to be in a zoo, I find it useful still.

By opening your world to the outside–through building in public–you can help those looking in. How? 

Using the zoo example, maybe there is a young gent who is fascinated with the fish and small sharks. He can observe and learn about them every other week when he visits with his family.

This fuels his passion for creatures of the water. He eventually becomes a marine biologist. That baby shark never knew that by doing its work (swimming) in public, they were inspiring someone and helping them.

Now a grown adult biologist, the kid will probably never go back and tell that shark how much it helped him. But it did.

The same is true for the work you're currently doing. It can and most likely will inspire someone if you're vulnerable and willing to share.

That's what this daily email is—my attempt at working in public.

Soon, I will begin sharing more about the work I'm doing (the highs and lows) in hopes of helping you with marketing.

If you're currently working in private, where could you begin taking steps into the public to help someone earlier in their career?

It doesn't have to look like a daily email, but it needs to resemble the vulnerability and transparency I, and every other person who builds in public, brings.

What are you waiting for?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO