Jordan Ogren

August 10, 2021

A quick mindset hack to better writing.

Write in sentences. Think in paragraphs.

That is the key to effective writing. 

Most people think in sentences while writing in paragraphs. I did this for the longest.

I would throw together a boatload of sentences to form X number of paragraphs and think I was done. The result would be 💩.

Why do we fail to think in paragraphs? 

It requires an investment of time upfront in the form of planning. And many of us aren't willing to make that investment.

It also requires you to know where you want to finish.

An easy example of this is when writing a cover letter.

Instead of writing your skills and why you are the best fit for the position, pause.

Ask yourself: What should each paragraph convey?

Here's an example:
  • Paragraph 1: Hook/Grab their attention
  • Paragraph 2: Tie achievements/unique skills/differentiation to the role and company
  • Paragraph 3: Tie why you as a human are the best for this role and the company
  • Paragraph 4: Conclusion and how excited you are for the next steps

Now that you have thought in paragraphs, it's time to write the sentences. 

Doing this makes writing easier and provides a clear path to better writing.

It also allows you to tie paragraphs together through smooth transitions because you know where the following section is going. It also makes rearranging easier as you can switch around the order of paragraphs.

Whether you struggle to get started writing or want to improve your writing, think in paragraphs while writing in sentences. 

It makes writing easier and creates a better end product.

🧠 // JO