Jordan Ogren

January 24, 2022

A simple email trick to stand out.

I receive many emails. Maybe not as many as you, but my inbox can get lit like a Christmas tree.

Case and point:

This got me thinking: How does one stand out in the inbox?

Whether you’re selling me on your LinkedIn growth course or black Friday deals, how do you draw unproportionate attention?

Is it the headline? Is it the person sending the email?

Well, out of those emails above, one email stands out to me. Which do you think it is?

Is it the do-not-reply email? Lol.

For me, it’s the Saucony email.

Why? They have short and snappy text for both their headline and preview text.

Headline: Black & Gum.
Preview text: Chew on this.

The space created by their short preview text draws me to their email. 

If you’ve ever sent an email—like a newsletter—you probably are wondering how the hell they did that. I did too.

That was until I read an insightful article by the email optimizing company Litmus.

They share the hack on how to do this.

Rather than have my non-technical ass describe this code trick, I’ll let the experts take over.

Learn the trick by clicking this link: (It will bring you to the blog below)

Litmus blog post.png

Marketeer Insights ⚔️
  1. Use your name, headline, and preview text to stand out in the inbox
  2. Once you stand out, make sure your email delivers and satisfies the reader (getting attention is merely the first step)
  3. Subscribe to Litmus’ emails/resources if you want more tips and tricks regarding email marketing

🧠 + ❤️ // JO