Jordan Ogren

August 30, 2021

AI and writing: Is it the future?

I'm bullish on saving time to increase effectiveness. 

Call it efficiency or constant optimization, but I am always looking for new ways to improve effectiveness through saving time.

Enter AI.

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

AI has numerous benefits. One of those is helping offload tasks.

When you have fewer tasks to do, you have more time. So the question is, which tasks should we offload to AI?

What about inputting data/notes from a recent call into your CRM? I think AI could help here.

What about the process of developing a strategy? I believe AI, with historical data, could help start the process, but human emotion is needed too.

What I mean is, AI can only use data points already established to create your strategy. Therefore, it will be incapable of envisioning a future not experienced, leading to a better plan that prepares you for the future.

Sorry for that extended rant.

My final question around what tasks to offload to AI is around writing. Should we use AI to write for us?

I bet you know my answer… Hell yes!

As for the strategy tasks, I think AI can help get you going and maybe even help you finish through editing.

The question isn't whether AI can or can't write. That's been answered. The question is around the quality of the writing and if that outweighs the time saved.

For someone who takes two hours to write 500 words, AI would help.

But I'm not sold on AI copywriting as the future. 

I think robots will create great content, but human-led content will always win. While you may not consciously differentiate the two, the subconscious will feel the personalness (is that a word?) that only humans bring.

Now, this requires you to write in a unique voice and have unique insights that only you could have arrived at with a human mind. That takes work and time.

The lesson: Relying on AI to write for you is efficient. But I don't believe it's effective long-term.

Using AI to speed up the writing process while letting you add your voice and unique commentary is the sweet spot. 

Do you see AI taking over the content writing and copywriting space?

🧠 // JO