Jordan Ogren

June 22, 2021

Are you making this foolish mistake?

Let's say you have an uncle, Ben, who was recently evicted.

Because your house is small and it's summer, you said he could pitch a tent in your backyard.

Your uncle is eternally grateful for you letting him stay on your property.

Fast forward to a month later, and he's still there. Ugh.

He's even begun building a treehouse and planting flowers. He's making your backyard his own.

Your partner, at this point, is pissed, "Why is your uncle still here?"

Unsure how to let him know his stay is overdue, you tell him he has 24 hours to pack everything up and leave.

He's devastated. "How can I bring all of this (the flowers and the treehouse) with me?"

Your response: "Not my problem, Ben."

Most of you are acting like Ben with your marketing.

You're pitching your tent on rented land. 

Only to eventually be kicked off and have little to show.

What's the alternative?

Buying your own damn property.

In terms of marketing, this is building an email list or a text (SMS) list.

Instead, you spend all your time building on other's property. 

Only to lose that following once you shift platforms or, heaven forbid, get booted off it. Like Ben.

This email is your warning.

Start building on your own property today, and when you need to leverage your audience, you will have complete control and no possibility of being kicked out.

That's at least what I'm doing.

🧠 // JO​