Jordan Ogren

May 10, 2021

Are you sending novels instead of emails?

“Hey, if you could put a little more content in about the business model.”

*One day later

“Also, could you share how we have 1,000’s of people already signed up.”

Pretty soon, the email I’m writing will be a novel.

The exchange above is from a client who tasked me to write a cold email to get signups for a platform connecting attorneys and clients.

But every day that went by, he would have me add a little more to the email.

Little does he know; more information rarely leads to more action (higher conversion).

Think about it: The obese person does not need more information on how Burger King is horrible for him.

He needs a story—an emotional pull—that makes him change his behavior. Or think differently about it.

Rarely does vomiting more information work at achieving that.

The tricky part is figuring out for this specific person the least amount of information needed. And how to convey it in a way that touches the heart and then the head.

I’m no expert at cold emails. But I know getting novels in my email from people I don’t know is a one-way ticket to the trash.

Focus on clarity and brevity when writing.

Especially when it’s a cold outreach. 

🧠 // JO