Jordan Ogren

September 15, 2021

Are you tiptoeing through the progress?

I love finding undervalued artists (by the general public) and then sharing their music with my friends. It brings me a unique pleasure. 

I believe that’s for two reasons:
  1. I genuinely like helping improve people’s musical taste
  2. I shamefully enjoy knowing things others don’t (and appearing superior)

That last reason is why I’m out $1000 on therapy. But that’s a different topic for another day.

The most recent artist I’ve uncovered (like a fossil) was Baby Keem. Baby Keem came on my radar a while ago when he had a track with Travis Scott. But I didn’t give him much time of day.

Until last week, when Keem dropped an album that I believe could be #1 of 2021 (sorry, not sorry, Drake).

He even had Kendrick Lamar (his older cousin) on a couple of tapes. One of those being Family Ties. In the song, Keem raps something I couldn’t help but share:

“N*ggas tryna tiptoe through the progress.”

I believe 90% of individuals are falling into the mistake of “tiptoeing through the progress.”

This means that 9 out of 10 people only want to share their learnings once they get through the growth (progress). They sadly don’t realize the growth is never “over,” and there is never a “right” time to share the progress. 

What’s the opposite of this? 

Stomping through the progress—Making sure every step is heard and witnessed. I don’t think that’s a great option either. We all know these people online.

The better option is to walk through the progress confidently. I call this “Doing the Work in Public” (DPW).

Instead of shying away from sharing your early struggles (tiptoeing), you should share them, realizing where you are in the journey and inspiring others that are located similarly on the path.

Marketing Insights
  • Share insights and learnings from your journey as early as possible (you never know whom you will help)
  • Stop believing the lie that you must be “insert some silly metric” to share what you know (Just share!)
  • Listen to Baby Keem’s new album The Melodic Blue (Link:
If you have been tiptoeing through the progress (as I did for 20 years), it’s time to share. But before doing that, I’d advise digging deeper as to why you never shared before.

Answering this question will unlock significant future growth:

What is the underlying reason for your fear of walking confidently through progress and sharing what you’re learning?

🧠 // JO