Jordan Ogren

August 2, 2021

Are you tired of yelling yet?

When you're good enough, you don't need to tell people. They know.

Jay Z doesn't need to tell you why he's one of the best hip-hop artists to grace this earth.

He also doesn't need to yell to get your attention. He can whisper, and the masses would still follow.

The same could be true for your brand.

Sadly, we focus on the wrong things. We focus on the 80% that brings 20% results.

We make our logo bigger. 
We post more on social media. 
We write a press release.

While never achieving our desired result of getting our audience to care.

"A bigger logo isn't going to get someone to care about your company if the product and your story don't resonate with them." — Seth Godin.

We fail to focus and execute on the 20% that drives 80% of the results.

What are some activities within the 20%?
  • Defining and iterating the company story
  • Putting a strategy in place for your marketing
  • Growing and nurturing a community around your point of view

The small or quick actions you take may drive immediate results, but they will not build a brand that commands attention.

You will continually need to yell to get people to care. 

Have a new service you're offering? Yell to get their attention.
Hosting an upcoming webinar? Yell to get their attention.

Not only is this exhausting, but it's a lazy approach.

"Insisting on a bigger interruption is lazy. It's lazy because if you really cared about solving the problem, you'd change the situation, not yell about it." 

In the end, it comes down to getting the fundamentals right.

"If you get the design right, you can whisper instead."

Wouldn't it be nice to whisper and get the same attention you're getting now by yelling?

🧠 // JO