Jordan Ogren

January 4, 2022

Big news (and no, I'm not preggo 🤰🏼)

With a new year comes a new approach to this daily email.

Rather than a lengthy essay, I will keep it short.

Below are all the changes I'm making/promising to you in the framework of Start, Stop, and Continue:

Start doing:
  • Writing shorter emails that are more digestible (most of the time!)
  • Sharing other influential people that guide my thinking and whom I think you should follow
  • BOOK REVIEWS! (They're back!!)

Stop doing:
  • Marketing breakdowns and rewrites (that will be for my NEW weekly email 🤭).
  • Being so damn serious and begin sharing more fun things I'm doing to inspire you to take life a little less serious and enjoy yourself

Continue doing:
  • Sharing anecdotes from my personal life + being fully transparent and open.
  • Responding to your emails to bring more value and deepen our friendship.
  • Listening to your feedback to deliver the best daily email on the interweb.

(Please respond with anything you believe I need to start/stop/continue doing to make this email more beneficial to you).

I believe consistency is the key to growth. 
But I'm also a firm believer in frequently pivoting to continue improving.

This is my first pivot of 2022. And it won't be the last.

Please continue to help me make this the best daily email you read.

Thank you for still being here, or if you're new, welcome to the show!

2022 is gonna be great.

🧠 + ❤️ // JO