Jordan Ogren

December 28, 2021

Boycott the word SCALE <> CR11

What does "scale your email marketing" mean to you? Does it mean to make it more effective? Does it mean to send a shit ton more emails?

We run into another ad that uses the infamous "scale" word. I won't bore you why I think it shouldn't be used in marketing. But ask yourself, does my customer use and think in the term "scale?"

If yes, use it. If no, ditch it.

Here's the ad I'll attempt to rewrite:

What I like about this ad:
  • The copy includes a reputable company, Product Hunt, that lends some reputableness to Mailjet (Fame by association)
  • "Read case study" is front and center, which eliminates the time it takes to understand what this ad is pushing you to do
  • The CTA is clear and direct about what you will get from using their software (Mailjet)

What I would change about this ad:
  • Ditch the word "Scale" in the hook and attempt to get more clear on what you're asking them
  • Get specific with what Mailjet helps Product Hunt do (send a high volume of emails without interruption is not bad, but you could get more direct)
  • Show me the actual benefit Product Hunt is getting in terms of their current product or services

Here's my take on making this ad 15% better:
My first change is to make the hook more understandable. While "more considerable impact" is still vague, it's better than "scale" and results from sending more emails.

My second change is to include the content product Mailjet has helped (Product Hunt Daily Digest) and include their subscriber base (over a million).

My third change is to share what will be in the case study. They went from struggling to chilling, now reaching their audience daily with no hiccups.

My fourth change is to include a testimonial (I found this in the case study). Using the words of someone from Product Hunt makes it feel genuine and tangible. It also ties directly to the CTA.

While I don't think the original ad was terrible (apart from using SCALE), it also wasn't explicit in how the case study and their software could help.

Using the name of their content, subscriber count, and a testimonial makes the benefit more tangible.

What do you think? Was the original good enough? Or do my changes make you want to download that case study?

Reply and let me know!

🧠 + ❤️ // JO