Jordan Ogren

February 28, 2022

Consistency vs. Speed. Which matter more?

Last week I wrote how speed is the key to improving anything: more reps = more competence (Click here to read).

And one of you beautiful people responded with a great question I felt compelled to answer. Here’s the Q:

“How would you define the difference between speed and consistency? Is speed the same thing as frequency and repetition, or is there a delineation to be made there? I wonder if there is ever a tradeoff between the learning process of process execution, and the push to accelerate that process?”

Consistency is shipping (showing up) when you said you’d ship or do the work.

For doing the work: That’s writing every single morning for 30 minutes.
For shipping: That’s sending an email every day during the week (and now weekend 🤭). 

Speed is how fast you create when you’re doing the work or how quickly you ship.

Consistency = writing every day for 30 minutes.
Speed = going from 2 posts to 3 posts written in that 30 minutes. 

To the second part of the question (Is speed the same thing as frequency and repetition?):

Consistency resembles the frequency and repetition (i.e., writing daily). Speed is the variable of how much gets done during that repetition.

While you can manipulate the frequency and repetition, speed is where you continually want to improve.

This leads to the final piece of the question (I wonder if there is ever a tradeoff between the learning process of process execution and the push to accelerate that process?):

While I may be missing the question due to its wording, I believe the execution process needs to come first. You first need to establish your process for the work before accelerating the process.

Once you have a well-oiled process, you can begin to expedite the process by improving your skill and refining the process.

You can’t accelerate how fast you write until you have a process in place for writing.

Focus on process (consistency), then accelerate the process (speed).

I tried my best to answer this question, but I’d love to hear your feedback on this question of speed vs. consistency.

What did I miss? Where am I off?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO