Jordan Ogren

May 21, 2021

Content does not need to create value.

Your content does not (always) need to “create value.” 

Some of the best content is comical.

Like a recent email I received from Doug at Velocity. 

Its subject line read: Practical Joke.

The email was about a team member named Neil, head of performance marketing, who loves data, but precisely anomalies in data.

“When he stumbles on one of these [anomalies], Neil drops everything, logs into Google Analytics, and drills like a mad dentist, high on a home-brewed mixture of novocaine and crack.” — Doug from Velocity

Here’s where it gets good: 

“But Neil has an Achilles heel. (Other than, novocaine/crack thing). Neil does not read this newsletter. (“Too busy, I’m sure it’s fine,” says Neil).”

Next, Doug tells us, the reader, to click the link to the Terms and Conditions page that no one typically visits.

“So when Neil sees a few dozen (dare I dream: a few hundred) hits to this page, he’ll go the Scottish version of bananas (which, I gather, is deep-fried bananas)."

"If I get any smart-sounding hypotheses to explain the traffic, I’ll report back. But at least it’ll teach him to read the bloody newsletter.”

There is zero traditional “value” in this email.

But it made me laugh. And it relates to his audience (marketers).

Take this lesson for what it’s worth.

Sometimes you need to get personal and have fun with your content.

Don’t be so serious.

I’d highly rec subscribing to their newsletter for excellent marketing content:

Have a great Friday, friend.

🧠 // JO