Jordan Ogren

May 29, 2021

Content/market fit, Feedback advice, competitive strategy <> 3.2.1

One of my greatest struggles is my relationship with perfection.

I’ve built a story in my head that people only want the perfect Jordan. The Jordan who says the right things and makes the right decisions.

After realizing how damaging this story was, I wrote this in my journal:

“F*ck perfect. I don’t want perfect. I want better.”

Now, instead of perfect, I aim for incremental progress.

I wake up every day trying to be better.

Will that eventually make me “perfect?” No.

But if I’m better than I was yesterday or a month or a year ago, then I’m happy.

That’s why I beg you to aim for progress over perfection.

Perfection leads to suffering.
Progress leads to joy.

Welcome to week 3 of me sharing resources with you. I hope you find one resource that can help you become better.

📖 Three things I read this week:

Think product-market fit but for your content. Using Fio’s thoughts, you can diagnosis why your current isn’t working and how to improve it.

Category design is powerful. But even if you haven’t done it, I’m guessing you’ve changed/altered your strategy at times. This article helps you think through whether to do a complete rebrand or not.

I suck at receiving feedback. Always have. This article was helpful in understanding how to receive feedback better using the Feedback Vantage Point framework.

🎧 Two things I heard this week:

This is one of my favorite marketing podcasts. It breaks down podcasts by looking at three different clips and discussing them with the podcast host. This week Joe Pulizzi, Godfather of content marketing, is the guest and delivers YUGE insights.

Never heard of category design/creation? Let this 14 minute podcast educate you on the powerful concept that is category design.

📺 One thing I watched this week:

Competitive strategy is critically important in a world that has so many brands. This short 26-minute video helps you understand how you can compete and win in saturated markets.


I hope you find one resource above that can help you become better.

Have a splendid Saturday, friend.

🧠 // JO