Jordan Ogren

April 19, 2022

Copywriting > Selling.

"Copywriting is sales at scale."

Rather than selling to one person at a time, copy allows you to sell to many at once.

The challenge is writing copy that is as compelling as you would sell. Unfortunately, most writing on websites, cold emails, or sales pages is robotic and not persuasive.

It's much easier to charm someone through speech than text.

But once you master the ability to sell through writing, you will never go back. You'll realize how efficient it is and how it enables you to sell directly to the most valuable prospects.

You won't stop selling, but you will realize where face-to-face, time-consuming selling fits in your arsenal.

You will begin using persuasible copy on your website and sales materials assisting in your selling. 

That's why I believe writing (copywriting) is a skill every marketer but master. Because in the future, every marketer needs to be able to sell.

But not how salespeople sell. Using words to sell will make you incredibly useful to sales and enhance your marketing.

Learning copywriting is something that never stops giving. You will never master it, but the more you invest in it, the more it compounds.

This results in better copy which provides better results.

Where is the best place to learn copywriting?

The past. This is why I share legendary ads from the 1900s. 

The best and easiest way to learn copywriting isn't buying a $250 course from a new age guru. 

It's by searching up old ads and studying them or buying a book written before 2000 that covers copywriting.

Human persuading has changed little throughout history. 
Study the greats that mastered it before the internet.

How did you learn copywriting? Or where are you learning it?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO