Jordan Ogren

March 22, 2022

Did someone order a stale dish? <> CR15

Have you ever ordered something at a restaurant that comes out looking "blah?"

A better word than "blah" might be underdeveloped. It comes out short on the fries, or the burger is half the size as the bun—sad face.

Some content has a similar effect. It underdelivers.

Today's ad is "blah," and I'm going to try and spice it up.
What I like about this ad:
  • The art (creative) is unique and gets you to stop scrolling
  • Eh, that's about it

What I would change about this ad:
  • Have a stronger hook (opening sentence)
  • Include the benefit of reading their trends report
  • Speak directly to someone or position
  • Change it to 2022 (I think I swiped this a while back)

Here's my take on spicing this dull ad up:
My first change is to address who it's for. I probably could have put brand marketer, but this report may help marketers–in general–learn the branding trends for 2022. By doing this, it stops marketers in their scroll and urges them to read the copy.

My second change is to involve the reader by asking them a question rather than telling them. It's more conversational and makes the reader continue reading when the copy is written with them, not at them.

My third change is to share how we created the report (i.e., interviewed 99 brand marketers).I'm assuming this company took the route less traveled and got outside insights to build the report.

My fourth change is to make the CTA actionable. Read or learn is better than merely stating the name of the report.
Did my edits make this ad any more appealing for you?

What significant change would you have made to improve this stale dish?

Reply and let me know!

🧠 + ❤️ // JO