Jordan Ogren

February 21, 2022

Do this to get others to talk about your company.

How do you get others to do talk about you?

Many people have this as a marketing goal, whether to spread your category or your new service offering. 

So, they go about it through earned channels. They reach out to industry magazines, influencers, or PR to get on media outlets.

Sadly, this thinking is backward. 

While I am not against earned channels, I don't believe they are your best first choice.

Like many other better-thinking marketers, I believe owned channels are where you first need to gain traction. Put your focus on dominating owned media before focusing on earned media.

What is owned media?
  • Your website
  • Newsletter
  • Podcast
  • Social media posts

What is earned media?
  • Media mentions
  • Social shares
  • Influencers

The best way to get earned media is to dominate owned channels. So this is where your focus should be early on.

Rather than trying to get a press release in every major publication, host a podcast interviewing experts and use space in your show to promote your point of view or new product/service.

Too many people focus on gaining earned media at the cost of never building owned channels.

When the flywheel of owned channels gets going, earned media becomes more accessible and has a more significant impact.

Where is your focus when getting others to sing your company's tune (or drink your kool-aid, lol)?

Marketeer Insights ⚔️
  1. Earned media is easier to accumulate when you are dominating owned channels
  2. Focus on owned channels first and then add earned and paid media
  3. Focusing on earned or paid media first can bring results, but they will be less significant than if you substantially built your owned channels

🧠 + ❤️ // JO