Jordan Ogren

July 23, 2021

Do you eat your own dog food?

We (Stop The Vanilla) recently received some direct mail pitching online marketing services.

Don't get me wrong; I'm all for direct mail. But not when an online marketing agency uses it.

Why not use the services you're trying to sell (Google Adwords, FB ads, SEO)?

It's like an outbound prospecting company using content to get new clients. 

Shouldn't you use the service you're promoting?

While direct mail can play a supporting role in your marketing strategy, it shouldn't be the first way I gain awareness about you if you're an online marketing agency.

The worst part: They are in a neighboring city. They could easily use FB ads to target us.

When this happens, I have two thoughts as a prospect:
  1. Their services suck (are ineffective), and
  2. They are not good at what they do

Which is the reason they use alternative methods to source clients. 

So why then would I trust them to use online marketing to help me get clients?

I wouldn't. That's why I'm a huge advocate for eating your own dog food.

🐶 If you're a live chat software company, you better use live chat effectively on your website.
🐶 If you sell mattresses, you better sleep on a mattress that you're selling.
🐶 If you sell a process for one-on-one meetings, you better use that process with your team.

Why is eating your own dog food important?
  • You are authentic and use the thing you're selling
  • You can find the negative parts of your product or service and improve them
  • You will be able to sell easier and better

Do you eat your own dog food?

🧠 // JO