Jordan Ogren

May 3, 2021

Don't be like this woman.

You’ve seen them before.

The motivational posts with images of someone winning a sporting event with no legs, a dad carrying his injured son off the track, or some famous actor with a quote on it.

Here’s what I’m talking about:


If you post content like this, you might want to close this email and ignore my advice.

Because I’m going to discuss the truth behind why people post this type of content:

It gets a ton of engagement. 

It's not because they want to motivate you/care about you.

There’s a woman who lives in my area who posts these pictures daily.

She gets 100+ likes, sometimes even 1,000+ on these feel-good posts.

You could say I’m jealous because I’m lucky to break double-digit likes on my content.

But I feel bad for her.

She’s addicted to the likes they bring, which keeps her from posting content that would drive real marketing ROI but get far fewer likes.

Likes and comments do not mean your marketing is working.

Getting business from your content is the proper yardstick for marketing.

But once you taste virality and the dopamine from the likes, it's a hard trap to escape.

It’s hard to post a transparent and thoughtful piece of content that only gets 10 likes. Not 1,000.

It also dilutes your audience, and you end of with a ton of non-prospects following you.

There are two choices: You opt for virality, becoming a slave to likes, or you can break free and create genuine content.

Choosing the latter allows you to find your voice and help one true person instead of feeling good about how many likes you get while never making an impact.

The issue is that many people selfishly post content. It's all about them.

And from what I've heard from people who worked for her, all roads lead to her.

Don’t be like this woman. Please.

🧠 // JO