Jordan Ogren

July 8, 2021

Don't copy frameworks. Do this instead:

Whenever I look to improve something (website homepage), I go into full Sherlock mode.

I go digging through top-performing websites and scrape what I can.


Because I want to figure out what's working for others and uniquely tailor that to our (Stop The Vanilla's) website.

I don't copy. I steal.

As I was researching websites, I couldn't help but grab a common theme.

I kept seeing identical copy, whether on the Hero block (the first thing you see when landing on the website) or deeper on the page:

“Make ___­­­­­___ {Insert category} a competitive advantage.”

It probably was a killer header when first used. But now, it's vanilla.

It was a framework that got overused—copied over and over.

If you use that copy on your website, I'd suggest improving it (Or hire me).

The more important lesson is that you need to understand the frameworks to know when to break them.

Another common framework is this one:

"We're the Tesla {Insert famous brand} of chicken nuggets {Insert what you do/sell}."

While it can work, it's best to alter the framework to stand out.

Copying is lazy. 

Innovating (stealing) based on "best practices" or frameworks is where true differentiation comes in.

🧠 // JO