Jordan Ogren

April 30, 2021

Engagement is overrated. Aim for this instead:

What is your goal with your audience?


I would have said the same thing. But not anymore.


I've realized that the brand (you and me) drives engagement.

Sadly, most people operate their marketing in this selfish way. It is all about them.

They post questions such as, 

"What would you like me to post about in the future?"
"Should I start a podcast??"

Newsflash, no one cares.

The quicker you realize that the faster your marketing will turn into an effective business driver.

So, what then do we aim for if it's not engagement?


Trust me; this isn't semantics.

Think about what goes into participation. 

"Participation is the action of taking part in something." defined by Google.

It's an active state arising from our audience.

Your community (audience) drives participation.

To participate, I (the audience member) must decide to enroll in your journey.

How do you aim for participation and not engagement?

Focus on your audience.

What do they enjoy? What do they want to learn? 

How can you go on a journey they feel compelled to participate in and join?

It's not easy. Trust me; I'm not even close to the level of participation I would like.

But participation is a better goal to aim for than measly engagement.

The next time you create content, think about participation and not engagement.

🧠 // JO