Jordan Ogren

March 5, 2022

{Extra} The lookback 2/27 - 3/05

One thing I don't do enough is reflection

I put so much focus on achieving the next thing and moving forward that I miss out on looking back, thinking about what happened, and learning from it. 

The truth is, the more one reflects, the more learnings one has to move forward faster.

So, every Saturday, I will share with you a "lookback" on my week. 

This includes *but is not limited to*:
  • The top things I learned
  • Any notable resources to share
  • And the question currently on my mind

Top learnings for 2/27-3/05

1. Make time to celebrate those you care about
I have never been great at encouraging people. I may think it, but I rarely take the extra step to let them know. That changed this week.

A friend of mine gave a sermon at his church last week, and after listening to it, I sent him a message to let him know how great it was. Another friend started a podcast recently, and I prioritized listening to his recent episode and giving him an attaboy.

2. There is no point focusing on what you cannot control
As I approach my fourth anniversary with marketing (is that even a thing?) I invariably feel like I should be doing "more." Almost like I'm further behind than others who have the same experience as me.

Regardless of if that's true or not, it helps little to focus on that. Instead, I need to continue to focus on what I control (i.e., writing daily, learning about marketing + business every day, and making connections through my podcast). The rest will come. And if it doesn't, I won't blame myself; I did everything I could, and that is a peaceful place to be.

3. Always be building 
A trap we can fall into is thinking there is a specific time for sowing and a different time for reaping. If I did the work for the past X years, it's now my time to get the rewards.

While it'd be nice if life worked like this, it doesn't. You can't control how fast the tree grows (or if it does at all...). But you can focus on continually planting more trees. 

That's why rather than waiting for things to come to fruition, I focus on always planting new trees (building) and nurturing the ones that are sprouting.

4. Marketers fail to deploy empathy regularly
When we do marketing, we forget we are also consumers. And how we prefer to buy and get marketed gets thrown out the window.

We make marketing decisions that we would never fall for or respond to if we took the time to put ourselves in their shoes. But we do them anyway because we forget to put our consumer hat on when marketing.

Notable resources

The question on my mind

What can I do today or this week that positions me best for where I want to be in the future?

(A prerequisite question you first need to answer is "Where do I want to be in the future?")

Thanks for reading this week's lookback.

Now it's your turn to share:
  • What did you learn this week?
  • What did you read, listen to, or watch that educated, entertained, or inspired you?
  • What question is on your mind?

Have a relaxing weekend!