Jordan Ogren

March 12, 2022

{Extra} The Lookback 3/06 - 3/12

How was your week?

My week in one (or two) words was peacefully-productive.

I got a lot done at work and home. I didn't do it through working crazy hours but through focus and efficiency.

I hope your week went well and that you're having a relaxing weekend.

Top learnings

1. Life's suffering can be mitigated by reframing
Shit happens. The only thing we control is how we view it–the lens through which we look at it. And a way to make things seem not as bad as they are is through reframing.

When you can reframe a situation in a more positive light, you can move past the problem easier. As I've found most helpful, this can be done by yourself or through conversation with a friend.

When we ignore reframing our issues and problems, we overestimate their damage and succumb to them.

Note: Death and extreme suffering need to be felt, and reframing too early is counterproductive.

2. Curiosity and effective listening is key to exponential growth
Whether through face-to-face conversations or a podcast, I am amazed at what I learn and the perspective I gain from actually listening to others.

The first step is to be curious and open to new and controversial ideas and experiences. Without this, listening to others becomes increasingly difficult.

One of the quickest ways to avoid failure and speed up your growth is by listening to others' experiences and thoughts and applying them uniquely to your journey.

3. Use numbers (specificity) to show results rather generalities
I was talking with a recent podcast guest, and she mentioned how a mentor told her to always include numbers in her resume early on. So, now she consistently tracks and records her impact on the business in precise numbers.

This is an important lesson for employees but also for companies when marketing. The more specific you can get, the more believable it is. Rather than, "We can help grow your business!" say, "We have helped 127 bowling alleys grow!"

4. Focus on what matters and be grateful for every moment you have
This week, I drove by a horrific crash and was reminded of this truth. The car's backseat was crushed into the front, and the grotesque image reminded me why we need to be thankful for every moment.

You will never know when your time is up. So focus on what matters and enjoy every moment.

Notable resources

The one question on my mind

If my life was to end tomorrow, am I happy with the person I'm striving to become?

(A prerequisite question to answer is "Who do I want to be when I'm X age?")

Thanks for reading this week's lookback.

Now it's your turn to share:
  • What did you learn this week?
  • What did you read, listen to, or watch that educated, entertained, or inspired you?
  • What question is on your mind?

Have a splendid weekend!

🧠 + ❤️ // JO