Jordan Ogren

March 19, 2022

{Extra} The Lookback 3/13 - 3/19

Howdy 🤠

Did you have a nice week?

My week in one word was content.

I have a newfound awareness and acceptance of where I am in life—both professionally and personally. I want to achieve more, but I am satisfied with where I am and the person I am slowly becoming.

How would you describe your week in one word?

Top learnings

1. Say "yes" – Be more open to life
I love comfort. To ensure my comfort, I have the same lunch every day (omelet, oatmeal, banana, oranges, and some cinnamon sugar toast).

But I'm slowly beginning to see the value in is doing new things, doing things that aren't comfortable today to position myself and those around me for a better future.

To help me, I'm using the mantra "Remain open to the Life Force." This allows me to move with the flow, even if that means doing something new and uncomfortable.

2. Low expectations are a superpower
Too many of us, myself included, walk around with these huge expectations; of ourselves, of others, and the things we build. Yet, rarely does experience live up to them, resulting in frustration and sadness.

The inverse is to have no expectations, which I don't believe is healthy. Instead, I find having low to medium expectations is critical, with a hyper-focus on executing and moving forward.

3. Life has its seasons
To my first learning, it's comfortable to imagine life is a linear process. Knowing tomorrow will likely resemble today helps provide us peace of mind. But life changes, like the seasons.

For weeks life may be slow and monotonous. Then, in a flash, it can change to a rapid pace.

Right now, the season I'm in–and have been in–is full pedal to the metal. I prefer monotonous.

But, knowing this too shall pass helps gain peace of mind and go all-in on the season that life offers.

Notable resources

The one question on my mind

How could I be more content with my life while striving for more?

(A prerequisite question to answer is "What do I want my life to look like?")

Thanks for reading this week's lookback.

Now it's your turn to share:
  • What did you learn this week?
  • What did you read, listen to, or watch that educated, entertained, or inspired you?
  • What question is on your mind?

Have a relaxing weekend!

🧠 + ❤️ // JO