Jordan Ogren

June 13, 2022

Focus less on methods and more on this:

Which do you focus on:

Methods or principles?

For most of my life, I sought methods. I wanted to know what to do and how I could get results quickly. That was until I tried many different methods and achieved minimal results.

At this point, I should have realized that methods are useless.

Instead, I doubled down and searched for the ultimate method. Which I never found, but I did find something better on that journey.

I found the one thing more important than the method: The underpinning principle.

Sure, methods are the avenues for improvement. But a method applied without a proper understanding of the method's operating principles is ineffective.

It's like using a hammer as a paddle. Sure, you're moving. But you're not going anywhere fast.

When you first approach the principles and learn them, you can then pick the correct method for the problem or opportunity you face.

Use this premise for everything in your life.

Want to learn how to play the guitar? Learn the principles of music theory and guitar structure.

Want to improve your basketball skills? Learn the principles that have lasted the test of time (e.g., how to shoot, dribble, and play defense).

Want to get better at marketing? Subscribe to my daily email; I mean, learn the principles of marketing and improve HOW you think about marketing.

It's easier to learn and apply methods than it is to understand the principles.

Maybe that's why few marketers think and act independently. 

And rest are fascinated with the methods and trends. 

Which do you focus more on?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO