Jordan Ogren

June 21, 2022

Get value from content before sharing it. Here’s how:

Most content is valuable only after it's published.

And that's assuming people will engage with it. If no one listens, watches, or reads it, it's useless. The degree to which we gain value from content is beyond our control.

Or is it?

I believe the best content creators derive value before shipping (during the creation). Creating this daily email is an example of this. How?

I gain value from my content before I ever click send. Writing out my thoughts has made me better at marketing and thinking.

Another example is my podcast.

The value for me (the creator) is the conversation (i.e., the interview). I gain wisdom, insights, and hopefully, friendships. I also improve my speaking and social abilities. So, before I distribute the podcast, I've won.

This is counterintuitive to why most podcasts are created.

Most people create podcasts or newsletters mainly for revenue-generating purposes. This makes sense. But, it removes the control to get value from your hands and puts it into your audience's hands.

What I'm proposing is to alter the purpose of your podcast or newsletter.

The purpose should be to gain industry experts' insights or connect with strategic partnerships or potential prospects. 

In this way, you always derive value from creating as it accomplishes your core purpose. And then, if it generates revenue, that's a bonus!

I guess it all comes down to intention.

When creating content, what is your intention?


Or is it something internal?

Improve your thinking through writing?
Create connections with others in your industry?

You know my answer; I'm curious to know yours.

🧠 + ❤️ // JO