Jordan Ogren

July 17, 2021

Guide to better writing, danger of woke culture, and the brother of Casey Neistat <> 3 Resources for you

Imagine I have a magic wand.

By waving it, I can instantly improve any skill you want. (For any RuneScape players, it’s akin to giving you a skill cape in any skill)

What skill would you choose?

Would it be a skill that improves your personal life? Or your professional life?

Or both??

Hit that reply and let me know what skill you’d upgrade.

For me, it’d be writing. Writing is both a professional and personal skill.

When writing my vows for my wedding last month, I tapped into the talent I’ve been harvesting and wrote wondrous vows in a quick time frame.

In business, I’ve found writing to seep into every area.

That’s why I would pick to improve my writing. What about you?

📖 What I read this week:

Want to improve your writing content? Study this guide.

This guide is a compilation of Animalz’s recent and best articles on creating better-written content. Learn how to write a compelling hook to creating a system for generating ideas for content. You’d be insane not to read this guide.

🎧 What I heard this week:

I love Scott Galloway even though I disagree with over 50% of what he says. His energy and unique insights fuel my professional and personal growth.

And to make it even better, he discusses a prominent topic (woke culture/cancel culture) with a distinguished guest (Sam mother f*cking Harris).

📺 What I watched this week:

I shared one of Van’s videos a few months back. But this is a behind-the-scenes look at who Van Neistat, the brother of Casey, genuinely is.

The part that resonated most with me was around sobriety. The struggle of sobriety and hearing two people who have fought from rock bottom to get sober moved me.


I hope one of those resources helps you and improves the work you do.

Have a splendid Saturday, friend!

🧠 // JO