Jordan Ogren

December 9, 2021

Have you ever stuck your head in the oven? <> TTAB 07

We've all had those days. When nothing goes right, you're tired and burned out.

And the last thing you want to do is cook.

Today's throwback ad speaks directly to that pain. And it gives us a few lessons on how to make your marketing better.

Finding #1: Go for the heart first. Mind second.

Feeds and speeds don't sell. For some products, you need to include the features, but you need to sell on the benefits for most. And an excellent way to do that is first to touch their emotions.

Rather than say, "You don't have to cook, we will deliver." The hook takes a page out of your journal and hits your feels. Maybe you've never stuck your head in the oven, but doesn't that create some emotion?

Only once your emotional strings are pulled (humor included), you're ready to consume the information (mind).

Finding #107.jpg

Finding #2: Creative that compliments the copy

After reading the large hook, my eyes naturally fall to the visual at the bottom. This opens the door to the features that Bringer's (what a name!) delivers.

A delivery car and a person delivering food–like at a restaurant–primes you to understand Bringer's main value prop. It also leads you to read the smaller text above.

To make your copy and creative most effective, you need to be purposeful with how they interact and hopefully compliment. This ad nails that component.

Finding #207.jpg

Finding #3: Long-short-long sentence combo.

Writing is a dance. You cannot and should not do the same steps over and over. That's not graceful. And will likely put you and your dancing partner on the floor.

Instead, you need to switch it up—two steps right, a few left–and in this ad, they do that through sentence length. 

The opening sentence is 18 words.
The next is 3 words.
The final is 22 words.

The long-to-short-to-long cadence helps get you–the reader–through the copy. That should be your objective with every sentence; get the reader to the next and eventually the end.

Finding #307.jpg


This was a simple ad to break down but contained a few critical lessons.

As I always mention, marketing is more about the fundamentals than special tricks or hacks.

If you understand the roots, you can grasp the leaves. And only then can you construct a fruitful tree.

Onward and upward.

🧠 + ❤️ // JO