Jordan Ogren

July 13, 2021

Hey, swimmer boy (girl) 💦

Out of all the notifications you receive, how many are useful?

For me, almost none. Which is sad.

Notifications are a fantastic way to reduce churn and improve the experience for the user. 

Note: I have little experience with app marketing or UX. But I know what works on me.

Personalizing notifications is a growth lever few companies uncover.

Let me explain this through an example:


I am unsure if this notification was sent to everyone or if I received this because I reserved a spot one time.

Regardless, it probably was not tailored to users who have reserved swimming spots frequently.

The lesson: If you have the data, personalize your messaging. 

Personalization is at its best when you use owned data to tailor your messaging.

The copy could also improve by using data: 

“Hey, swimmer boy (or girl)! We are back open. 💦

Start reserving spots for {insert times and days they typically swim at}. Spots are going fast, so don’t tread on this opportunity to reserve your spot!”

If you have the data and plan to invest in sending notifications, use personalization.

🧠 // JO