Jordan Ogren

June 12, 2021

Hooks, Developer content, performance vs. brand <> Read, Heard, Watched

"Is this expanding me or contracting me?"

This question was brought to my attention in a podcast discussing addiction recovery.

But it's relatable to ask in any situation.

Is your current job expanding or contracting you?
Is your partner expanding or contracting you?
Is going out every Friday night expanding or contracting you?

While tough questions to answers, the awareness of them are critical to living a meaningful life.

Strive to find people, places, and processes (habits) that expand you.

Expansion leads to more profound meaning. Expansion is the goal of life.

Welcome to week 4 of things I've read/heard/watched. This week I'm changing things up by only having one resource for each.

The hope is to bring you less but the best of the best in hopes you engage with at least one resource.

📖 What I read this week:

1. Hook, Line, Sinker: How to Write an Introduction (From the Animalz Blog)
Hooks are vital to content. Without a strong hook, your content goes unread.

Whether it's for a blog post or a LinkedIn post, this article will help you understand the mechanics behind a hook and how to deliver a strong one to get people to read your content.

🎧 What I heard this week:

One big nugget I took from this interview was how Martin and his team had developers write their content. They didn't source it out to a marketing agency but devoted experts to write the content.

Not only does this make better content, but it allows for deeper topics and more brand affinity with your audience. The way around this is to interview and record experts to create better content on technical topics.

📺 What I watched this week:

Chris Walker of Refine Labs hosts a weekly "Demand Gen Live" where he discusses marketing topics while also answering questions. 

This week's episode was not unique but had a few good nuggets in it and can give you a taste of their weekly show. I'd highly recommend subscribing to it and giving it a watch.

I hope one of those resources can help you and improve the work you do.

Have a great Saturday, friend!

🧠 // JO