Jordan Ogren

April 12, 2021

How having a cat could improve your marketing.

It’s 8am, and I’m ready to pull my hair out.

I can’t f*cking take it anymore.

No, I’m not losing my mind. I just want to kill my cat.

She’s been meowing/yelling since 5:30am for food. That’s 2.5 hours straight of sirens in my ears.

While I won’t lie and say I handled it perfectly, a few shoves and screams, I did keep my cool for a majority of it.

It’s something I’ve been working on a lot: Having more restraint.

And I think a lot of marketers could benefit from increasing their restraint.

“Wait, I’ve never seen a marketer flip out before. What do you mean they could have more restraint?”

Let’s first define restraint:

Restraint is defined as “unemotional, dispassionate, or moderate behavior; self-control.”

Hmmm. Why would marketers benefit from that?

Marketers are usually some of the most emotional and passionate folks. I know, I’m one of them.

But does that lead to sound decisions and consistent execution?

“Clubhouse is the next big thing!!! We need to get on there!!!”
— Emotional marketer.

“The newsletter is not working, let’s start a vlog.” — Marketer after two months of doing a newsletter who lacks self-control.

Sticking to things when they don’t work, not chasing the new shiny object, and making decisions based on data and some subjectivity is when marketing shines.

And I believe that is only done with great restraint.

Summary: When marketing has better restraint, they achieve more than the alternative.

Could you increase your restraint when it comes to marketing?

If so, maybe getting a cat could help. 😊

🧠 // JO