Jordan Ogren

June 23, 2021

How I got a free pair of Felix Grey Sunglasses.

It was four days after the shipment was delivered.

But I was still without any sunglasses.


I looked all over my apartment complex, contacted USPS, and even knocked on a few neighbors’ doors. No luck.

My Felix Grey sunglasses were nowhere to be found.

I contacted them to see what they could do about this. They responded promptly.

They would send me another pair and expedite the shipping. Hell yeah.

I’ve been a fan of Felix Grey since I got my first blue blocker glasses two years ago.

Now I’m a fan for life.

Felix Grey could have spent millions in advertising to me without making me feel that same affinity for them. They instead did what all companies should do:

Identify the customer interactions that matter and execute well on those.

Most people, as I did before this, sit in the “OK” spectrum below:


The challenge for your brand is to get them over the hump into the “Love” stage.

Dan White puts it best:

“Brands can achieve a better return on investment if they focus on ways to make miserable moments less likely and magical moments more frequent rather than becoming more efficient in less-important areas.”

Felix made my miserable moment into a magical moment when they shipped me a new pair, no questions asked.

For some brands, this could be having straightforward website navigation to make a usually miserable moment, finding a needle in a haystack, less likely.

For consumer brands like Felix Grey, it’s making the return/lost process seamless. 

Identify the moments that matter to your customers, make the good ones better, and make the miserable ones less horrible.

Focus on what matters.

🧠 // JO

P.S. I realized shortly after why I never got my sunglasses. I put the wrong address in. It was for the building across from me that is getting built.

So, I now have two pair of sunglasses.