Jordan Ogren

February 9, 2022

How Not to Suck at Marketing <> Book Review 06

No one likes to suck at anything. But, at times, we all will, especially when we start something new.

The reason I write my daily email is to help those just starting or making the switch into marketing. To help them suck less with marketing.

This book accomplishes the same thing. For those early in their marketing journey or just starting, this book provides a simple roadmap to grasping marketing basics.

Even for a seasoned vet (JK, I'm nowhere near that yet), I enjoyed the book and got a few nuggets from it.

How Not to Suck at Marketing Book Cover.jpg

The book: How Not to Suck at Marketing by Jeff Perkins

Why you should read: To understand marketing basics and what's essential—to avoid sucking at marketing when you know little.

TL;DR: How Not to Suck at Marketing is the guide that covers–at a high level–all aspects of marketing and the essential pieces of each. It provides those overwhelmed by marketing with a simple formula for success.

The main points:

Point 1: Marketing can seem complex, but start with the basics

Jeff shares the two basics of marketing:
  1. A good website
  2. A strong search engine presence

If you nail those two pieces, your marketing will bring ROI. Then, and only once you've nailed those two should you branch out into content or paid ads.

Point 2: To be a great modern marketer, you need these two skills
  1. Have the flexibility to consistently course correct as things change and evolve over time
  2. Avoid the shiny objects and focus on fewer things that will make the most significant impact on your business

Being flexible and open to pivot is critical in today's ever-changing landscape. Having focus is a superpower and will level up your marketing efforts, especially if you combine it with consistency.

Point 3: The three keys to marketing
  1. How to reach potential buyers
  2. What to say to get them to buy
  3. Once they buy, how to retain them

It's as simple and as complex as that.

The first step is being in the consideration set for your prospect. Next is having the right message for the right person to purchase. And finally, you must delight and retain that customer to avoid churn.

The main quotes:

"Today the pressure on marketing is greater than ever because there is a belief held by many executives that all marketing investments should be clearly measurable."

"When testing, you have to constantly come up with new hypothesis on what will improve your results."

"In any marketing program, you have trigger points where you lose customers or prospects. The key is to identify what those points are and put programs in place to prevent that loss."

The main question:

How well do you understand the basics of marketing?

To avoid sucking at marketing, understand the basics you must (hey, Yoda).


While this book seemed trivial at times, if I had read this 4 to 5 years ago, I could have shortened my learning curve and performed better earlier.

Jeff has a simplistic way of breaking down a complex subject.

Where ever you are in your journey, this book is a must-read to improve your marketing ability.

🧠 + ❤️ // JO