Jordan Ogren

June 8, 2021

How to build the next Amazon.

Let's say you run a business. And I have a magic wand. 

I can wave it, and everyone will desire to do business with you. Would you turn that down?

Hell no. (If you would, please reply and let me know why)

Amazon is a pure example of a company everyone buys from, even my grandmother. They have no specific target market.

But they didn't start that way.

They began as an online bookstore selling books.

And evolved into an online marketplace that sells everything. But would they have got there by reversing that order?

Would they have become the mammoth they are now if they began by selling anything to everyone?

Probably not.

As one of my favorite copywriters, Cole Schafer, put it:

"By appealing to a very small loyal group of folks, you have a serious chance at one day appealing to everyone. Start small. Then, expand." 

If it worked for Amazon, why would you think you're different?

Targeting a broad set of customers will result in slow growth. If any at all.

But by getting serious about your "small loyal group of folks," you give yourself a real chance to go "big."

It's a painful process to figure out who that small group is—I'm still wrestling with that question—but the result is focus and growth.

If you're struggling to grow, figure out your small loyal group.

🧠 // JO