Jordan Ogren

August 13, 2021

How to tell the right story.

The best marketing revolves around a story.

Whether for an ad, content, or a company, there is an underlying story. Or at least there should be.

But how do you get that story? 

Sometimes we have a story we want to tell our audience. It's typically baked into our unique selling proposition and positions us heavenly.

But is that the story we should tell?


The story we should tell will reveal itself. You can't force it.

Come into whatever you are creating with the story you think should be told, but stay open and willing to evolve and change it to make it better.

Nothing ruins a story more than trying to tell it exactly as we think it should be told. 

"Our preconceived notions and plans can box us in. Let your story find its way. It's okay to be entirely wrong—very often, that's the best part." — Ann Handley.

It's the difference between finding the story that needs to be told vs. the one you think needs to be told.

You see this frequently with documentaries. They will start with the premise they believe the doc will/should revolve around.

As they begin interviewing people and letting the story evolve itself, they realize they were wrong. And before they know it, they are telling a completely different story.

But it's the story that needs to be told.

If you host a podcast that interviews guests, this lesson is critical.

You may research and do your due diligence about a guest and think the episode should cover their journey from broke to rich. But once you begin talking with them and asking them questions, it takes a violent turn to how she now focuses on helping young girls get the proper education.

The story you want to tell vs. the story that needs to be told.

While planning and due diligence are necessary, don't let them get in the way of telling the story that needs to be told.

Your audience will thank you immensely for it.

🧠 // JO