Jordan Ogren

August 18, 2021

How to write stronger openings (hooks).

Are you in marketing?

Do you want more leads?

If yes, click here to blah blah.

What I just did in that "hook" was lazy.

Did you notice? It's a simple mistake I see many content creators make.

They believe using a couple of generic questions = a great opening (hook).

Using questions is a lazy approach to creating a solid hook. It's easy but not compelling.

Instead, I suggest using a cold open (or an open loop). 

A cold open is a way to create curiosity and interest in your content. It pulls people into your content and holds them until the end. 

Questions don't have that effect.

So how do you create a cold open?

A straightforward way to create a cold open is to tell a story related to your content's premise but don't finish the story.

Instead of finishing the story, lead into the main content. Only at the end will you finish the story that you opened the article or podcast with.

This creates curiosity in the reader as to how the story will end, which keeps them reading until the loop is closed.

Creating a cold open is a lot more work than using a few basic questions but will result in better content.

The lesson: Whether you're writing a LinkedIn post or recording a podcast, do not start by asking rhetorical questions, instead provide a hook that inspires curiosity in your audience.

How do you create a strong hook so people engage with the content you create?

🧠 // JO