Jordan Ogren

November 25, 2021

Hungry for turkey yet? <> TTAB 05

Good marketing addresses two things:

  1. Where their prospect currently is (physically, mentally, emotionally), and
  2. Where their prospect could AND wants to go (the promised land)

Then, marketing helps get their prospects to that promised land via being a guide or offering tools (their products).

That's the way marketing works today, and it's how it's always worked (at least since 1936).

Today's ad is a special Thanksgiving edition ad that I believe you can learn something from or get a good laugh at.

Here's the original ad from 1936:

Finding #1: A curiosity-inducing hook

Remember, this ad came out in 1936. So, if you read "Enjoy your Thanksgivings 1940-1950" in 1936, you may be curious as to what they mean.

Rather than saying you will live longer and our product will enhance your experience while agreeing with you, they create curiosity. They get you to read the second sentence.

That is the goal of any headline or opening sentence—get them to the next.

Finding #2: Get right to the point.

Rather than starting with "Did you know?" they get right to fulfilling your curiosity. "Statistics give you 25 to 30 more Thanksgivings..."

And they continue through the entire paragraph moving you toward their point: Make the most of the extra Thanksgivings.

Note: They have YET to bring in their product. They are casually talking with you, as a friend.

Finding #3: Ask a question and then answer it.

"How does the human system respond to different forms of whiskey?" They then go on to answer how they found out that Seagram's Crown is the whisky that agrees most with your human system:

"Months of research by a group of trained, impartial men brought the answer: Seagram's Crown Whiskies."

This is the bow on top. They tie their product back to the premise that you will enjoy more Thanksgivings than others, so choose a drink that agrees with you and will enable you to live longer.

Note: I don't agree with the science or the way they sell their product. It's like stating how cigarettes can help with digestion. It's altering the truth, and in today's age, that wouldn't fly.


That's it for this special Thanksgiving version. I hope you gained a nugget or two from it; I did.

Go and enjoy your Turkey dinner and make sure to drink something that agrees with you, like Seagram's Crown Whiskies.

🧠 + ❤️ // JO