Jordan Ogren

June 11, 2021

I get married in 8 days, here's why you should care.

Our culture loves options. But loathes commitment.

Which is the main reason the percent of marriages has dropped significantly over time.

When you marry someone, you eliminate every other option (for mating purposes) while committing to one.

I get to do this in 8 days!!! 😅

The same is true for having a strategy.

When you take the time to craft a strategy, you are eliminating many paths.

As I’ve said before, “Strategy is more about what you don’t do, than about what you do.”

And that is a core reason I find few companies and marketing departments with a detailed strategy that guides their actions.

They prefer to take your 45-year-old uncles’ approach, who wants to keep his options open. He wants to explore all the flavors of women.

Yet, the only action he gets is alone in his studio apartment or the dusty bar bathroom.

Sadly, this doesn’t typically lead to a fruitful life.

Studies show that married people, who commit to one option, live longer and happier lives (don’t ask where I sourced that info).

When you have a solid strategy for your marketing, you will be much more fruitful.

The tricky part is leaving those options behind.

Will you commit?

🧠 // JO