Jordan Ogren

October 4, 2021

I'm OCD about this, and you should be too.

While I won't say I'm OCD, I am compulsive over order.

I love order. Almost too much.

If we are starting a podcast, there is a natural order to creating it.

First, create the underlying strategy for the show (premise, empathy statement, listener persona), and then focus on a cover.

If someone suggested creating the album cover first, this would clash with my OCD-like tendencies to do things "in order."

I can already hear you arguing my point of a "right or natural order." And you probably have a strong argument. Who gets to decide the correct order for anything?

Should I pour my cereal first or the milk? (If you pour milk first, you're crazy).

Technically, both paths will result in a similar end product. But I see the correct order being cereal first and then milk, logistically and functionally.

When starting a business, one could pick from a plethora of options. But after reading a few business starter books, a common order begins to arise. They all preach similar things to do when starting.

None of them suggest stripping naked, painting your logo on your body, and running down main street at noon. I doubt that would be the first in the natural order of creating a business.

Why do I bring this up?

Because it's essential to longevity, if you can't see the game's rules (the order), it's hard to win.

In marketing, there is an invisible order that moves things. It's not a specific order, more akin to a progression that leads to the most significant amount of success when taken.

Skipping or ignoring the order without understanding it results in failure. However, you can stray from the order (create the name and artwork for your podcast first) and succeed if you have a basic understanding.

The point of failure is whether you grasp the order or not.

The lesson: Take the time to learn the natural order of marketing and content. This will help you increase your effectiveness while progressing at a quicker rate.

Do you believe there is a natural order for how things are meant to be done? Or do you believe spontaneity is king?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO