Jordan Ogren

June 28, 2021

I'm proud.

I frequently face negative self-talk. It's something I'm working on eliminating.

But I do believe a small dose of it is healthy. 

Who wants to be around someone who always thinks too highly of themselves? Not me.

But I have come to realize the importance of celebrating wins (positive self-talk). If you're going to challenge yourself by being critical, you also need to rejoice in the successes.

That happened recently when my dear friend Mark Cumicek released his updated website that I wrote copy for.

Note: Mark is easy to write copy for as he is highly competent and has a treasure trove of past success. Also, the designer, Becky Bauer, did a fantastic job of taking my copy, editing it, and fitting it beautifully on the page.

When Mark notified me that the website was live, I quickly checked it out. Then, after reading the copy I wrote with fresh eyes, I sat back and said:

"Damn, that is good."

What allowed me to write such damn good copy?

Customer interviewing. And lots of it.

Writing copy without talking to the person it's for makes it increasingly difficult to do a good job.

Thankfully, Mark trusted my method of madness and granted me interviews, and let me go wild.

It worked. And I believe it will always work.

In the future, I will create content on how to do customer interviewing and how to turn those interviews into kick-ass copy.

But for now, here's the website:

I'd love to know your thoughts on the copy!

🧠 // JO