Jordan Ogren

September 13, 2021

Infantry vs. Planes—Which matters more?

Imagine you're the Supreme Commander for our nation's military.

There is a foreign threat approaching our coasts. They plan to invade.

You meet with your leadership team and devise a plan.

The challenge: You can only use foot soldiers. Your navy and the air force are unavailable.

Would you feel confident fighting an enemy who has planes, boats, and infantry with only the army?

I wouldn't. Yet many do this with their marketing. 

They only use infantry while expecting the results that an entire military could provide. 

Let's bring this analogy back to earth. 

Your infantry is equivalent to social media posts, liking and commenting, or hosting a booth at an event. These small actions can be effective when used within a larger strategy. But on their own, they won't win the war.

Planes and ships resemble more extensive marketing efforts. They take longer to build yet can do some severe damage. Examples include writing a book, creating a course, or building and optimizing a website.

Do you see the difference? 

Infantry = quick and easy activities (short-term ROI)
Planes and ships = slow and challenging activities (long-term ROI)

You need both, but your infantry will be vulnerable and quickly taken out without the planes and ships.

When your marketing consists mainly of small activities, like posting on social media (infantry) without building something bigger (plane), you lower the effectiveness of your small actions.

The reverse is true. If all you do is pump out books like a publisher and never post on social media, your books will not create the impact they are capable of.

My advice is first to figure out what planes and ships you plan on bringing to the war. This will guide you to know how much and what kind of infantry you'll need.

Once your planes and ships are in place, it's time to let the infantry do its thing.

Marketing is a lot like the military; similar goals, yet different ways (tools) to achieve those goals.

Where does your military need work? I mean your marketing…

🧠 // JO