Jordan Ogren

June 29, 2022

Its been a minute…

hey 👋

It's been weird not writing you the past three days. I doubt you noticed, but if you did, I appreciate that. 

How's life been treating you?

It's been a wild last few days for me:

  • Katie and I have a fantastic anniversary weekend in Chicago
  • Katie and I are in the early stages of buying a duplex (our offer was accepted/selected)
  • We are experiencing natural "buyers remorse" when making a solid purchase
  • We are excited about it and looking forward to owning property
  • I'm experiencing a weirdish mental fog and lack of oomph
  • I've been unmotivated to write

That's life, though, right?

Ups and downs. Twists and turns.

But there's something else in between that. The mucky middle. Also known as the journey (journey > destination).

That's where we–or at least I–do most of my work. 

Damn it. 

I tried my hardest not to go preacher mode and tie meaning to this. Sure, there are a lot of micro lessons here. But the main lesson–or point–I want to share is that I, too, go through dips. 

I struggle. I'm human.

That's one thing I hate about social media. No one shares this part of the journey. 

The anxiety that you might have made a wrong decision by buying a duplex at 26. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the things that need to get done in the future. 

Losing your shit at your partner due to your insecurities and issues.

But also,

Feeling overwhelmed by support and love from those close to you.

A fantastic future with an incredibly caring and loving wife (and family and friends!).

And you, too, the 36 people of you who are on this journey with me (by way of subscribing).

I'm incredibly grateful for all of that. But I'm also experiencing some of the most challenging emotions I've had in a while.

I'm right there in the mucky middle.

But I didn't want to make this all about me (after he talks all about himself).

Where are you at (i.e., how are you doing)? 

In the middle, like me? Riding the wave? Getting crushed by the wave?

I'd love to know.