Jordan Ogren

April 23, 2021

Marketing as a broadcast tool will *always fail. Do this instead:

When you think of marketing, what comes to mind?

  • Sharing your story?
  • Releasing a new product?
  • Promoting a webinar?

If your marketing has been ineffective, you likely view it as one of those things.

You view it as a broadcasting tool.

When your marketing is only a broadcasting tool, it's dead.

Anyone know CPR?

Marketing is a conversation between you and your customers and prospects.

Sadly, most marketing today is used for broadcasting and not for building and deepening relationships.

When you go beyond broadcasting, you will begin to understand the power of marketing.

I understand that, at times, you will have something you want to tell the world (i.e., a new product, website, or event).

And you're granted to do that. The mistake is in HOW you do that.

Here's an example:

Let's imagine you launched a podcast for your company. It's for real estate investing.

Here's how you might broadcast this to your followers:

"Hey LinkedIn, we released the first episode of our podcast!

We talk about the initial fears I had before investing and how you can dip your feet in real estate investing.

If you want to learn more about real estate investing and how it can grow your wealth, click the link in the comments!"

Now, let's write it in a more conversational tone:

"Real estate investing can be daunting. 

I know because it took me 25 years before I started. I only wish I would have jumped in sooner.

But it doesn't have to be that way for you. 

That's why we created the First Principles of Real Estate Investing Podcast. To help answer your questions and provide light to real estate.

What questions are holding you back from investing in real estate?

Drop them below, and we will answer them in a future episode!

P.S. The first episode dropped today, and it details my rocky journey into real estate investing. Click the link in the comments to listen!"

You could argue that the revised version is more compelling. But the aim was to write it in a way that you would tell a friend about it.

That's how you should market—if you were out to coffee with a friend.

If that means to broadcast to them, you might have more significant issues than poor marketing. 

🧠 // JO